Melbourne Shopfitter

Based in Melbourne, we are Australia’s renowned construction company where quality, innovation and a team of experienced construction experts and workers combine to make masterpieces of modern construction.

We specialize in shop fitting for retail, hospitality and early learning centers.

Quality Shopfitting

With an experience spanning many years in the construction industry, we pride ourselves in delivering quality retail shop fitouts for many well-known brands and companies in retail, hospitality as well as early learning centers. Our Melbourne shopfitter has had over 20 year experience in the field. We are known for our punctuality, quality and unique approach to construction and shop fittings.

Commitment to customer service

Our team of project managers and shop fitters create a very pleasant and unique experience for our clients.  Our highlight is delivering quality solutions to our customers with the help of our engineering, building patterns, planning, interior designs, and construction. Our commitment to customer service is what makes us unique and loved by most of our clients all over Australia. With years of experience in the industry, we have built a very strong and commendable reputation for ourselves, which is due to years of continuous handwork, struggle and our commitment to provide quality service for our customers. Our construction expertise in hospitality services has been praised by numerous clients which include high-end cafés, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. Our team of construction experts is at par in their construction abilities in shop fitting and early learning centers as well.


With years of experience in the construction industry, we understand the importance of communication and management for your construction project. That is the reason why we have dedicated managers which are working on every aspect of the development and construction of your project which includes estimation of costs, designing, construction to installations and fittings.

We make sure you have a shop fitting experience that you will remember for the rest of your lives!

Proven Performance

“Expectations Exceeded”

“For several years I’ve been on the receiving end of your service excellence, and it amazes me how you always manage to exceed my expectations.

Whether the requirement has been small or a six figure office fitout, your performance and your service… I cannot fault.

How refreshing it is to have a supplier that honours their commitments. Customer service and service excellence are words that others talk about, but FCI has always delivered on these. In fact on a scale of one to ten, I can honestly give you, ten out of ten.

You have indeed, set standards that I sincerely hope others will follow.

Additionally, it’s comforting to know that we’re not just a number at FCI, and this is clearly demonstrated by the friendly, courteous and professional service received, each time I call.

Please convey my appreciation to the rest of your team, and I look forward to a continuing and close association in the years ahead.”

George Makarewitsch

Transurban CityLink

“Great Advice, Excellent Service”

“Thank you for the great advice and service we have received over the past six months.

Your product knowledge has helped us in selecting the right furniture for the office, reception and classrooms.

We have no qualms about recommending FCI to any prospective customers, as we are sure that they will receive the same excellent service as we have become accustomed to.

Once again, thank you for all your help.”

Paul Hartin, Principal

St John’s Primary School

“A Pleasure to deal with FC Interiors”

“Whilst I have used your service several times, your recent efforts truly exceeded my expectations, and enabled us to pleasantly surprise our Manager upon his return from holidays.

Someone asked me to rate your service on a scale of one to ten, and frankly I have to say an… eleven.

It has always been a pleasure to deal with you and I have no hesitation in recommending

FCI to other organisations.”

Christine Henshaw

Monash University Club Inc.

Your Office Furniture & Fitout Professionals

Want a great way to boost sales and kick start office morale?  Why not give your office a professional and comfortable revamp.

Our fit outs are second to none!  Get the finest local and international office furniture Melbourne has to offer.  Our qualified professionals will give you a FREE REPORT to show how to increase team productivity by providing a comfortable work environment.  Receive your FREE copy of this must read publication today.  Just call 1300 732 444 or email

Our collection includes all types of office furniture.  From one off pieces to total refurbishments, we can cater to all your office furniture requirements at a reasonable cost.  From office chairs to office cabinets, from adjustable desks to reception areas, there is no corner of your office that we can’t cover.  Any of your employees will tell you having the right office chairs are a paramount to a successful workplace.  Our office chairs offer much needed support at competitive prices.  They come highly recommended by physiotherapists, chiropractors and occupational health and safetly professionals.

Update your workplace today with Melbourne Office Solutions “Your office furniture and fitout professionals” – Call us today for a FREE measure and QUOTE.

Melbourne Office Solutions – the home of lighting

Looking for a lighting solution across Australia? There is no better option than Melbourne Office Solutions because it provides you high quality and innovative solutions to your lighting problem. The best way to get your lighting problems sorted out is to contact Melbourne Office Solutions and get the best solution to your problems. We have a huge variety of lighting options available for our customers in Melbourne CBD. With a mix of new and old ideas we try to create something new for you so that your house, café or workplace gets the perfect look that you have always dream of.

How Melbourne Office Solutions makes its designs innovative to provide you dream lighting solution

By Melbourne Office Solutions is one of the premium furniture and lighting company in Australia. The major reason behind its success is that it has hard working and dedicated set of employees who are devoted in working with lighting. They are well experienced and educated to provide you a perfect solution to your lighting problem. Moreover our employees have been given free hand when it comes to designing and giving out new and fresh ideas. With a blend of youth and experience we provide you exceptional solutions that work perfectly with your new or old house.

Lighting is one essential element of each and every house. You can’t live without light so it is important to have some lighting options that do not only lighten up your house but also provide a unique touch. Moreover when Melbourne Office Solutions will be provided the opportunity to set up your house with its unique and special lightings your house will give an exclusive look. So hurry up and visit out store right now so that you get the latest lights available with us. On your visit you will be amazed to see our collection of lightings.

We feel its our duty to make sure that our customers are able to get the perfect lightings for their house, café or workplace. We believe that lighting effects can change the look of a place. So don’t waste the chance to give out a strong message to the world through some exceptional piece of lightings. If you have an idea for the lighting share with our employees otherwise our employees will have a huge variety of suggestions for you.


We are the best lighting company currently residing in Australia. We not only provide quality work but we also ensure that our lighting options are easily affordable by our customers. For us our customers value the most as their happiness is a source of power to our success.

Why Melbourne Office Solutions products are better than others and furniture products?

Home furniture is one essential element of our house. Everyone tries to get the best furniture for his/her house so that their house looks the best. The desire of getting better or getting the best thigs for yourself or your house never ends. It is the reason due to which you will find numerous brands across Australia that will provide you the chance to get the perfect equipment for your house.

Here in this article we will be talking about one home furnishing known as Melbourne Office Solutions. It has jumped up in the list of top home furnishing companies of Australia. So if you are the one looking for a home furniture company to provide you an exceptional solution to your house then Melbourne Office Solutions should be your top choice.

Before moving on to the things that Melbourne Office Solutions provides you we will first introduce the company especially for those readers who do not know about Melbourne Office Solutions. It is an Australian based online retailer who improves customers’ lifestyle, explores fun and tasteful/intriguing designs and provides exquisite simplicity to life with the help of furniture. Melbourne Office Solutions is a company where your dreams come true because we believe in dreams.

Our lighting

Our lighting is one of the most loved section of all time. It is so because we provide some exceptional lighting ideas to our customers. We have a wide variety of lighting available with us. So if you are looking for a lighting solution that don’t waste a moment to contact us.

Why Melbourne Office Solutions products are better than others and furniture products?

There is a visible difference between the products that Melbourne Office Solutions provides to its customers. There are certain reasons behind this which will be discussed as follows.

  1. Each and every product introduced by Melbourne Office Solutions is selected or designed individually by the Melbourne Office Solutions team. The team always focuses upon two major factors that make our products better than others. These factors include the quality of product and the innovative design that it brings along.
  2. Melbourne Office Solutions is the only company that provides you minimalist, urban and industrial lighting and homewares across Australia with a touch of modern day furnishing.
  3. All the designs come with a unique Italian handmade leather label that has our company name on it.
  4. One major reason due to which our customers simply love us because our designs can be easily incorporated to your living space, bar or café. Furthermore we provide you and your customers with a cosy and stylish environment according to the circumstances provided.
  5. We have a unique range of pendant lighting, distinct and practical homewares that are going to provide your house a unique and modern look. All these things will be provided at a competitive price and will bring warmth to your home or business.


It is extremely important to choose the right furniture partner when it comes to furnishing your house because no one can’t spare energy and money again and again. So don’t waste a moment to choose us as we provide items that have g-one through proper quality assurance standards.